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Jillian Ann is a Boston native singer-songwriter, performer, and recent graduate of Berklee College of Music. She has created a catalog of music that transcends a variety of musical genres. Her early musical inspirations range from Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, and Ann Wilson. She has a strong, clear soprano voice and is not afraid to reach for those high notes.  She specifically enjoys performing music from the 70’s with her influences being Led Zeppelin, Heart and many other Classic Rock and singer-songwriter artists. Jillian also has a strong love for Worship music and has performed traditional pieces as well as popular compositions. She was also part of a musical duo that performed weekly at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop in Boston, and is currently in a duo with longtime friend, Christian Colegrove, called Intra Element. She has headlined at popular music venues that include Hard Rock Cafe, the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub, and the Gulu Gulu Cafe.

 Jillian is currently writing music of many different genres, from rock,  to pop, to electro pop, while finding as many opportunities as she can to perform. A lot of her inspiration comes from watching the great and powerful female artists of our time perform their songs live, and how they tell incredible stories through their songs. She achieves that with her  songwriting and performing, and currently is cowriting with and for many other local artists.  Jillian looks forward to sharing her music with the community surrounding her and showing her potential as an artist of the future. 

Specialized Skillsets:

  • Songwriting - Lyrics/melody/vocals

  • Music Theory

  • Demo Production - Logic, Garageband

  • Notation - Finale 

  • Arranging

  • Direction for songwriters/performers

  • Communications/Music Journalism

  • Show Bookings



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